Pastelli®, for those who make a difference, day after day.

SINCE 1929

Throughout our lifetime we believe in the uniqueness of our clients. We constantly work to offer avantgarde solution that greatly differ from the standards.
For those who want to express their identity, without giving up to well-being and comfort, the maximum quality and style.

The numbers show who we are:

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are the countries in which the brand is distributed
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are the National and International exhibitions per year
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items collection
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are the manufactoring plants in the North East of Italy
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thousand metres of fabric used every year


Acknowledged quality

The high-quality of our products is the result of our passion that we face with the study, the research and the realization of each single cloth. We strongly believe in the continuous development, and thanks to the constant appreciation from our clients, every day is dedicated to the creation of new innovative solution.

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Selected fabrics

The material selection is a key factor in a garment success. Created and realized thanks to our experience and knowledge, our strong point are the fabrics, that are soft, resistant, breatheble, pleasing to the touch, nice Looking, and moreover, safe on your skin, because they are obtained from manufactoring processes without chemicals that are harmful to health and the environment.

Simply Stylish

We could simply say “Made in Italy” to summarise the unique style of our collection; Design, first-rate tailoring, high quality of our materials, and obsessive attention to detail. But just a Pastelli® garment is recognized at first sight for its typical Italian elegance.

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Comfort at the top

Making the customer’s professional activity more and more comfortable is our daily mantra: supporting movements during work practice, assuring a breathable fabric, easy sanitization, that’s why a Pastelli® uniform is your perfect partner.


In the most scrupulous observance of the Italian and international laws, we produce only through eco-sustainable processes. We do not use auxiliaries and dyes that are harmful to your health and our environment, we conform to the more restrictive value for the treatment of waste water and emissions

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Respect and values

We would not have grown up without a primary value: respect for people. For this reason, in our company, training is in the first place, essential to enhance the role of every employee and maintain the excellence that we have set ourselves We are sure that today’s commitment will help to improve what we will be tomorrow.


A story with deep roots

It’s 1929 when Pamich’s family opens the Tailoring workshop at Trieste; Since 1978, artisanship has been completely directed to the production of medical clothes. In the 80s, the process of internationalism began: the first exports, the first trade show abroad. And this through the computerization of production processes and the creation of a team building project.

In the 1990 the fabric moved to the province of Padua and later became the central hub of the group. The 1992 marks the end of the all lead finishes in favor of natural finishes It was a green path that still accompanies the company philosophy, plus the promotion of new bold colors, likes Red, Purple, Reflex Blue that will became, later on, a classic in the medical field.

In the 1994 we apply the new CE certification on all the Pastelli products that became PPE Personal Protective Equipment 1° Cat. In the 1997 the website born. 2000 a new millennium marks another starting point with: the Certification of business processes named ISO:9001.

The last 20 years: since the 2000 every year a brand innovation was introduced to the market, likes the camouflage line, the natural antibacterial fabric Bio-Shield®, the no-iron fabric PET, the Renomà line, the Dys-Sy® device, the Freedom Line and The Surgical Line System®.