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Since 1929 the italian style meet quality

Pastelli’s experience dates back to 1929, with the opening of a taylor’s laboratory in Trieste. In 1978, Pastelli’s first collection was born, a line of medical clothing based on an absolutely innovative concept: articles characterized by upmost quality and elegance, original and accurate in details, able to offer comfort and high performance. The artisanal footprint remained unaltered in the step from couture-house to entrerprise. Meantime Pastelli have constantly invested in technology and research. The original mix of tradition, innovation and certified quality represent an universal value that allowed the brand to grow constantly and assert its leadership at international level. Nowadays the company is still a family run company under the direction of Gianna Pamich and Piero Del Fabbro. The future is represented by Dea Del Fabbro.

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