Man is often forgotten in the stylistic research of the medical sector. But feeling at ease in the exercise of the profession is not only a matter of comfort, but also it is a matter of well-being related to the image that you want to offer yourself.

For this reason, Pastelli, without sacrificing protection and comfort, has designed for men models with a strong personality and great impact. Today, in fact, you can dare a little more than in the past, deviating both from the choice of the traditional white color and from the classic V-necklines, straight cuts or buttonhole buttons.

The distinctive trait of the model and the fabric, the visible seams, the zip closure and the practical side pockets are certainly innovative and distinctive elements, which can reflect the individuality of each professional and tell his daily activities.

If the personality is made up of infinite sides, it can be said that even the details of a lab coat are not secondary, but elements at the service of those who work in the health professions. For women this evolution of style began several years ago, while for men it was not so rapid and immediate.

The society in which we live still shows how human being is increasingly attentive to fashions when he/she chooses a piece of clothing. In the medical sector, in particular, if we have to establish a relationship of trust with the patient, being reliable and dynamic is synonymous with seriousness and authority.

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